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At McNeeley Family Physicians our goal is to provide quality healthcare and to serve the needs of our community.

McNeeley Family Physicians has been serving the people of our community since the practice was founded by Dr. S. Gene McNeeley in 1948.  Originally located in a board and batten house in the Norris town center, Dr. Gene built the practice by developing strong relationships with his patients. He was joined in practice by his sons, Dr. Edward Trent McNeeley and Dr. Howard B. McNeeley in the 1980’s and the practice continued to thrive by meeting the needs of patients in a friendly, respectful, and caring environment – goals we strive to meet every day.

Over the next several years the area grew (as did the practice) and two additional doctors were added, Dr. Joseph L. Thompson and Dr. J. Thomas Daugherty. In 1991, Dr. Gene allowed himself some much needed rest and retired from Family Medicine, “passing the stethoscope” on to his sons and colleagues, confident that by his example he had instilled in them the philosophies that had made him such an integral part of the community. In the mid 1990s the practice moved from the Norris Town Center to a state of the art facility right off of Highway 61 where they are still located today. Dr. Elizabeth M. Harrel joined the practice in 1997. The year 2009 brought some big changes for the practice. During this time, Dr. Joseph Thompson retired and Dr. Amy G. Cottrell took his place.

We are proud of our history and we look forward to providing the same quality of care well into the future.

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